10 Facts about Oak Kitchen Cabinets

Oak kitchen cabinets installed in a clients kitchen by Ryann Reed Design Build.

Have you ever considered installing oak kitchen cabinets? Designers have turned oak cabinets into a chic feature with a modern vibe. The wood grain in these gorgeous cabinets has distinct characteristics and adds a special touch to your kitchen design

Oak cabinets are durable and remarkably wear-resistant. Their hardwood makeup inhibits damage and dings. Their moisture resistance keeps them looking great over the years. They are often a classic oak color, but their appearance may span from lighter to darker based on the finish you choose. 

10 Frequently Asked Questions about Oak Cabinets

1. Are oak kitchen cabinets in style?

It’s official. Wood is back. Kitchen trends have taken a turn—from bright and patterned to a more traditional aesthetic, including classic oak wood cabinets. Rich oak is back from the 90s to warm up your kitchen. A natural finish is in, with a modern twist. Oak accents are used throughout the kitchen now, and they work perfectly for a minimalist, modern vibe or a rustic chic farmhouse design. 

The timelessness of wood is suddenly pulling today’s kitchens together in a practical, stunning way. It’s like durable meets modern minimalist. Neutral and light-toned palettes have taken over kitchens from cabinets to tables. You can play with style as you go oak. Why not add visual interest by using a darker finish on the lower cabinets and a lighter finish on higher ones? 

2. How do I clean and maintain oak cabinets?

You can revitalize the look of your oak cabinets by cleaning them well (with a soft cloth and mild soap) and applying a new varnish as needed. 

3. Do oak cabinets work well with modern kitchen designs?

Oak cabinets are integrated into and enhance modern design by pairing them with kitchen components like sleek hardware, subway backsplash tiles, and stone countertops. Dark oak cabinets pair well with light granite counters, and light oak cabinets work well with dark counters for a modern aesthetic

4. Are oak cabinets more expensive than other types of wood cabinets?

Gorgeous oak cabinets deliver a high-end look, but their price point doesn’t reflect it. While hardware and installation costs vary, affordable oak cabinets are less expensive than other wood grain cabinets such as maple, birch or cherry, making them a smart choice for custom home builds or kitchen remodeling projects. 

5. Do oak cabinets darken over time?

All hardwoods change color over time as they are exposed to UV light and oxygen. Lighter woods become a bit darker over time. 

6. What types of finishes are available for oak cabinets?

Oak cabinets come in a variety of colors ranging from red to white. They are also stained, creating even more options for you to choose from. 

7. Are oak cabinets durable and long-lasting?

Yes, oak is a hardwood and extremely durable. 

8. Can I paint oak cabinets if I want to change the color?

If you’d like to change the style of your home by painting your wood cabinets, oak takes paint well. Sample the paint in a discreet section of your cabinets to ensure you are happy with it before painting all of your cabinets, as the wood grain can make some shades of paint take on a two-toned look. To paint your cabinets, sand them well, clean the wood, prime it, and apply two coats of paint to them. Allow them to dry thoroughly between coats. 

9. What hardware works best with oak cabinets?

You can create a rustic look with your oak cabinets by adding dark bronze or cast-iron knobs. Achieve a modern aesthetic with minimalistic, long, sleek hardware that contrasts well with the cabinet color. Add brass hardware to white oak cabinets with dark accessories for a contemporary look. Dark cabinets pair well with light-colored hardware to set them apart. 

10. How will oak cabinets impact my kitchen design?

The gorgeous grain on oak cabinets creates a unique texture that gives your kitchen a one-of-a-kind aesthetic you’re sure to love.

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