6 Tile Layout Patterns that Enhance Your Home Renovation

Tile patterns, a potent decorative contributor, can liven up your home remodeling project and infuse it with personality and pizzazz. It can be so satisfying to put the finishing touch on your interior design by incorporating distinct tile patterns in your home. What better way to convey your personal style on your backsplash, bathroom, or flooring?

Read on to discover some of the fun, fancy, and modern patterns to tie your interior together with your tile. 

Heighten Your Room’s Design with the Perfect Tile Pattern

When it comes to tile layout, the possibilities are endless. Here are some basic patterns to get you started: 

1. Timeless Brick Pattern

Subway tiles are trending, and a popular way to incorporate these beauties in your shower, powder room, or kitchen backsplash is with the classic brick pattern. The fun part about this layout is that you get to decide where the “offset” pattern lies. With this layout, tiles are placed in rows, but are offset on the next row by 50%, 40%, or 30%. Consistency is key, so once you decide which percentage delivers the look you love, stick with it throughout the layout. 

Pro tip: If hardwood floors are your desire but you need a more durable material, why not choose tile that mimics the look of wood, uses a brick pattern, and fortifies your floor space? 

2. Classic Grid Pattern

When you choose tiles that contain patterns within them, it’s best to stick with a simple layout application so the room doesn’t get too busy. The grid pattern consists of laying tiles in a way that they meet at the corners. Plain and simple, this is the easiest way to lay tiles. 
Pro tip: While this standard tile layout works well for traditional spaces, if your true desire is to do something more unique, go with it!

Beautiful new tile in a kitchen remodel by Ryann Reed Design Build.

3. Forgiving Diamond Layout

If your tiles are square, you can place them on a diagonal to create “diamonds.” This interesting pattern works wonders in rooms where flaws need to be concealed. Its “forgiving” nature draws the eye to the beauty of the pattern rather than the defects beneath it. 

Pro tip: Your small spaces (like powder rooms) will appear bigger when you use this layout pattern. 

4. Interesting Herringbone Design

A trendy design, herringbone (which resembles the look of a fish’s bones!) delights the eye in a variety of spaces. Created with rectangular tiles laid at a forty-five-degree angle, this pattern is often used in living rooms and dining rooms. It works well with tile that mimics the look of wood, bringing design interest to your flooring. This pattern can also make spaces look larger than they are, so it’s perfect for narrow hallways, small entryways, and tiny showers. 

Simply take any two rectangular tile, turn one so the two are perpendicular to each other, align them on one side, and repeat. This creates an “L” shape with your two tile, and the “Ls” border each other to create a simple pattern that repeats itself. This zigzag looks fabulous in modern and traditional homes. 

Pro tip: Use this pattern to design a focal point above your stove and make your kitchen pop with style

5. Geometrically Symmetrical Basket Weave Design

Porcelain and ceramic tiles create a basket weave layout that can have a modern, traditional, or transitional flair. Also lively in mosaic tile, the basket weave pattern uses the repeated use of two individual rectangular tiles laid horizontally against two other rectangular patterns laid vertically. 

Pro tip: This design is often used on floors and is ideal for a bathroom or shower area. 

6. Delightful Pinwheel Pattern

This looks complex, but it’s actually easy. Begin with two different sized rectangular or square tiles and align them on one side. Next, repeat what you just did. The result looks like a pinwheel, and is also called a “hopscotch” layout. 

Pro tip: You can get pretty creative with this layout by pairing two different materials in the same pattern to make a more textured façade, or try using contrasting colors for a crisp, vivid look. 

Simple Tile Pattern Tips that Yield Gorgeous Results

Select patterned tiles

If creating patterns with tiles feels too overwhelming, simply choose a tile that already has a pattern you love on it. 

Go with hexagons!

You can’t go wrong with choosing tiles that are designed as hexagons. These interesting geometric shapes fit perfectly together and bring a modern flair to your space. 

Perhaps penny rounds will suit you

Consider penny round tiles for your modern home, and you’re sure to win. Used as a chic backsplash, penny rounds are timeless and fun. Black penny rounds with white grout make a vintage backdrop for your family bathroom or powder room. 

Get creative with your tile

Unleash your creative flair by taking the boundaries off tile layout. Your house is uniquely yours and should be an expression of who you are and what you love. So if you want to design an Arizona sunset by placing mosaic tiles in the band around your new shower’s interior, go for it!

Do a “dry run”

You’ve chosen your tile, and now it’s time to decide on how it will be laid out in your home remodeling project. Why not do a dry run with the pattern you’re pondering? If it can be improved upon, you’ll discover that before solidifying your design. 

Tie Your Room Together with the Perfect Tile Layout

Whether you choose porcelain, glass, or natural stone tile, your home remodeling project can be enhanced with the ideal layout for your space. Don’t miss out on the perfect opportunity to express yourself and your style preferences in your home remodeling selections with Ryann Reed Design Build

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