7 Essential Design Elements for Your Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom remodeled by Ryann Reed Design Build

Whether you are remodeling your master bathroom into the ultimate retreat or turning your family bathroom into a more functional space, renovating your bathroom can enhance your daily routine!

Create the ideal bathroom by upgrading its layout, lighting, wall covering, storage, flooring, & ventilation. Read on to discover essential design elements for your bathroom remodel. 

Top 7 Design Elements of a Bathroom Remodel 

1. Choose a layout to fully utilize your available space 

Before choosing your bathroom remodel’s dream accents, attend to its layout. Your well-designed bathroom should be gorgeous & functional—that’s where the layout comes in. Ask how your space can better cater to your daily routine. Do you need a bath to unwind after a busy day? Is there space for a freestanding tub, or would a built-in tub be more practical? How many bathroom sinks do you need to streamline your morning? Could ventilation & lighting be improved by adding a window in an ideal location? 

2. Strategically plan bathroom lighting

Bathroom vanities require bright lights to start the day, while dimmers give you options to change the mood & unwind each evening. Choose layers of lighting in your bathroom remodel: task lighting in the shower & vanity areas & ambient lighting around your bath & in little niches. Consider smart lighting for its convenient, pre-programmed settings. 

3. Choose waterproof wall coverings that add style

In bathrooms, water can come from many directions. Moisture from the tub & shower’s overspray can saturate the air & be hard on walls. Cover your walls with beautiful, durable materials with the degree of waterproofing a bathroom requires. Popular bathroom wall coverings include:

  • Vinyl wallpaper – There are gorgeous options that look sophisticated & can bring your bathroom’s design to the next level. Choosing a vertical pattern will draw your eye upward & make the room feel taller, while horizontal patterns broaden the room. 
  • Stone cladding – Natural stone works well in a moist bathroom environment & gives your space a classy look. 
  • Tile – This is 100% waterproof when installed properly & a perfect bathroom upgrade that adds style & function to your space. Tile has grout, & grout means lines. Ensure the lines are used to enhance the bathroom’s looks. Too many tiles can make a room feel sterile. Consider partially tiling your bathroom to bring a pleasing balance to the space. 
  • Paint – Select designated bathroom paint with mold & mildew-inhibiting additives. For the best results, choose a semi-gloss or high-gloss sheen. 
  • Beadboard – This traditional option helps protect bathroom walls against direct moisture from your shower or bath. It offers partial coverage for your wall (its lower half). Beadboard can be painted, protecting it from water intrusion. 

4. Optimize bathroom storage 

Use a combination of storage components such as drawers, cabinets, & open shelving to create a clutter-free bathroom. An in-bathroom linen closet can serve a host of purposes while neatly storing your beauty supplies & fresh towels. Choose a well-designed vanity with plenty of drawers. Install dividers inside the drawers to keep items in their place & ensure your counters are clutter-free. Have in-drawer outlets installed to keep hair dryers from encountering pooled water & creating a hazard. 

5. Add design interest with flooring

Plan for durable, anti-slip, & easy-to-clean flooring for your bathroom remodel. Combine style & function with large porcelain floor tiles that offer a clean, seamless look. Or get the warm look of wood in porcelain wood-effects tiles, which deliver the texture of real wood in a waterproof material. Marble flooring creates a feeling of luxury, while real stone gives you a natural feel of sophistication. Ground the room with bold floor tiles that pack a punch of style & color—they come in a variety of colors, styles, & sizes to match your taste perfectly. Heated flooring in your master bath can add luxury & comfort you’ll enjoy daily. 

6. Enhance bathroom ventilation

While it may not be the most exciting upgrade in your remodel, improving ventilation is a functional addition that will keep mold & mildew at bay, making your bathroom a healthy place to unwind. A bathroom vent fan is a smart addition. It draws out moisture & improves air quality in your space. You can use a vent fan year-round, while opening a bathroom window may only be done seasonally. 

7. Smart features

Including smart technology in your bathroom remodel can streamline your morning routine. 

  • A smart toilet is the favored amenity as it takes up less space, uses less water, & comes with luxurious features like a seat warmer, a touch-free automatic lid, a night light, & a self-cleaning feature. 
  • An interactive LED mirror offers a built-in display for time, traffic reports, weather forecasts, news updates, reminders, & appointments. You can also control other smart devices in your home from it. 
  • A smart shower lets you set the water temperature, flow rate, shower duration, & more through a smart device. Enjoy consistent water temperature, water savings, & energy savings. You can limit how hot the water gets to prevent people from being burned with hot water. 
  • Smart faucets with a hands-free feature lower the number of germs being spread when you wash your hands. They allow you to preheat or cool the water based on your preferences before you even turn the faucet on. 

Get the Bathroom Remodel of Your Dreams!

You deserve to have beautiful, functional bathrooms in your home. At Ryann Reed Design Build, bathroom remodeling is one of our specialties. Our expert designers collaborate with you to design your dream bathroom so you can start each day at your best.

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