8 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Design-Build Contractor

Questions to ask a design-build contractor

How do you find the best design-build firm for your needs? With the right questions, the top fit for your project will be evident.

Choosing to remodel your home or add your dream space to your property with a design-build contractor is wise. After all, they streamline the process and are known to finish on time and within budget consistently. Having one party responsible for your entire project simplifies communication, removing the guesswork. 

Read on to discover how to assess potential design-build contractors so you can move forward with the home renovation of your dreams. 

Questions to Ask a Design-Build Firm to Ensure the Right Fit

1. Are You Licensed and Insured?

Ensure your prospective design-build contractor is licensed with the state and carries workers’ compensation and liability insurance. Liability insurance covers you in the unlikely case that someone is injured on your property. Ask for proof of both types of insurance and make sure they are current. 

Pro tip: If a company isn’t licensed and insured, it’s not wise to hire them. 

2. How Does the Design-Build Process Work?

It’s important that you know what to expect with the design-build method. Ask questions until you understand the process and know what your part will be throughout it. Ask about the experience level and qualifications of those designing and building remodeling and addition projects. Inquire about what materials providers they use and how they will help guide you toward the best material and layout choices. 

Pro tip: No questions are too big or too small to ask before hiring a design-build firm. Take the mystery out of what’s ahead, and ask away! You’ll be more comfortable moving forward when you understand the process and people involved. 

3. What System Is in Place to Keep Communication Fluid?

Ask if there will be one person you communicate with throughout the project. Find out if there is an online portal for you to access. Ask about the protocol if you have questions and how often you will be updated throughout the remodeling or addition’s timeline. 

Pro tip: Pay attention to how communication is going as you meet with the design-build firm to discuss the possibility of hiring them. Remember, a positive overall experience begins with good communication. 

4. Do You Finish Projects on Time?

Understanding the history of the design-build company’s ability to establish and stick with a timeline will help you know what to expect. When you add onto your home or remodel your basement, kitchen, bathroom, master suite, and more, your property becomes a construction zone. It takes some planning to prepare for that. Knowing when the end date is projected and if the firm sets a realistic schedule will help you be ready for what’s ahead. 

Pro tip: Plan ahead for where your young children and pets will be while the construction team is in your home. 

5. When Are the Deadlines to Request a Change?

Although you don’t anticipate changing plans midstream, if you feel the need to, it helps to know upfront the implications of that choice. If you want a layout alteration a month into your remodel, that could create issues for the builder. Find out the deadline for change requests and stick with it. 

Pro tip: Learn what happens if you miss the deadline, just in case. 

6. Can You Break Down the Fee Schedule and Details?

Make sure the design-build firm gives you an understandable estimate. It should outline the fees and a reasonable timeline for your payments. 

Pro tip: Ensure you understand the firm’s expectations so you can plan accordingly. 

7. When Can My Remodel or Home Addition Be Scheduled?

Ask for a projected start and end date. 

Pro tip: Ensure your expectations are realistic regarding your project’s timeline.

8. What Safety Protocols Do You Have in Place to Prevent Accidents?

Ask about the preventative measures they take to protect people and property, and find out their track record in this area. 

Pro tip: Ask what the firm does to ensure your safety during the remodel. 

Enjoy the Luxury Home Renovation or Addition of Your Dreams

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