9 Ways a First-Floor Remodel Can Transform Your Home

The Kitchen and Dining area of a First Floor Home Remodel from Ryann Reed Design Build

If you love your home’s location but its layout isn’t working for your family, a first-floor remodel can solve the problem and upgrade your lifestyle. 

A first-floor remodel breathes life into your home by tearing down walls that once separated your kitchen from your living room or dining room and creating an expansive space to serve the variety of needs of your family. 

Read on to discover ways your remodel can improve your home and lifestyle!

Change Your Lifestyle with a First-Floor Remodel

1. Create an Inviting Space For Daily Living

Devising an open floor plan makes your first floor inviting. Your kitchen and beyond becomes the perfect place for your family’s busy daily life. From homework to dinner and game nights, the ideal open concept welcomes friends and family to congregate and be part of one another’s daily routine. 

2. Maximize Refreshing Natural Light

It’s a fact that the more natural light you get daily, the better your mood and the greater your productivity. So let the sun come teeming into your home! Opening up your first floor makes way for more windows and allows that light to travel further without being blocked by walls. 

3. Expand Your Entertaining Possibilities

Open floor plans create the perfect space for entertaining family and friends. You can make delicious snacks in the kitchen while visiting with your friends as they relax in the living room. 

Open floor plans make people feel more comfortable in your home as the relaxation room provides the needed space to unwind, socialize, and have fun. The open concept allows families to be together more often and make lasting memories to enjoy. 

4. Update Your Kitchen To Meet Your Needs

The kitchen is the heart of your home, and remodeling it gives your home a refreshing feel. You can add a well-designed island with seating, expand your storage space, and add a new breakfast nook. 

Your kitchen’s layout should function well for you and your family. You should love your kitchen—from its design to its appliances. Flooring, backsplash tile, countertops, and cabinetry can be upgraded to create your dream kitchen design. This is also the perfect time to add:

5. Add a bathroom

Increase the functionality of your first floor by adding a bathroom, particularly if you have children or an elderly parent who may want to live with you at some point. 

6. Enhance Your Home’s Indoor Comfort

While remodeling your first floor, it’s a great time to add insulation to your walls to increase its comfort year-round and decrease energy usage. If your windows and doors are old and you feel chilly drafts when you are near them, this may also be a good time for them to be replaced. You may also consider adding a heated floor system in a bathroom or mudroom.

7. Redefine Your Dining Space

Formal dining rooms are quickly becoming a thing of the past as homeowners install relaxed, functional eat-in kitchen areas. Kitchen islands are now configured so people can sit on different sides and see each other while eating, encouraging conversation and relaxation. A lounge area in the kitchen where you can enjoy your morning coffee is also a nice upgrade. 

  • A kitchen nook gives you bay windows to enjoy looking out during your breakfast. 
  • A kitchen corner can be transformed into a cozy place to eat beneath large picture windows. Built-in bench seating with comfy cushions and throw pillows create a relaxed area to enjoy meals. Additional storage space can be acquired under the bench seating as well.
  • Eat-in kitchens can be achieved by using your space wisely. This may mean putting a rectangular table parallel to your island with bench seating on the table’s far side and chairs on the island side. Or it may mean adding a round pedestal table that offers extra legroom to your kitchen. 
  • Maximize the view from your table. Positioning a breakfast nook or dining area overlooking the outdoors is a plus due to the refreshing views. The peaceful surrounding environment can bring inspiration to your day from its start. 

8. Choose Beautiful, Low-Maintenance Flooring 

While planning your first-floor remodel, adding flooring that mimics the look of wood yet delivers low-maintenance living is a great choice. Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) looks like wood but is far easier to maintain.

Engineered wood looks more authentic and can also deliver outstanding results. The main thing to realize is that you can use the same flooring throughout your entire first floor for a relaxing flow to your space. If you have kids and dogs, your cleaning routine and daily life can be simplified with low-maintenance flooring—and it looks fabulous too!

9. Minimize Messes With a Mudroom 

A mudroom connects the inside of your home to the outdoors. It’s a place to shed rain jackets, umbrellas, snowshoes, and more. It keeps your home clean and decreases messes. It’s a small change that can make a big difference.

Mudrooms ensure dirty shoes won’t track mud throughout your home. They promote organization in your home and can be customized to meet your family’s specific needs. 

Backpacks and jackets can live in custom spots for each family member. Sports equipment can be placed in cubbies designed for them. A mudroom can also be combined with your laundry room for an efficient multipurpose space.

Get a Gorgeous First-Floor Remodel 

You deserve a home that inspires gathering, embraces family and friends, and has a functional flow for your everyday life. A first-floor remodel upgrades your daily lifestyle and increases your home’s value. 

At Ryann Reed Design Build, we create an online portal for each homeowner we work with. You can view our daily logs to know precisely what is happening with your remodel. Look at one of our recently featured remodeling projects and dream a little.