Choose the Countertop That’s Right for Your Kitchen

Beautiful kitchen remodel with new countertops and soft blue cabinets done a client's home by Ryann Reed Design Build.

Where do you start when choosing kitchen countertops for your remodel? Discover what suits your lifestyle by asking questions: Are you set on stunning natural stone, or would a man-made composite suit your needs even better? 

How often do you meal prep or bake in your kitchen? Are heat and stain resistance a priority? What about durability and longevity? 

Let’s dive into the facts about popular kitchen countertop materials, so you can find top options for your home’s kitchen remodel

Pros and Cons of Trendy Kitchen Countertop Materials

Your kitchen countertops must work impeccably with your cabinets, flooring, and other design elements


This smart investment offers an ideal solution if you cook a lot and want to invest in a durable countertop material built to last. Quartz counters are manufactured composite stones from natural quartz combined with a resin binder. The result is a non-porous, super-hard kitchen counter that you never need to reseal. Quartz countertops offer the look of natural stone (like marble or granite) with unmatched durability

Cons: This material’s lack of heat resistance means you’ll need to use a trivet under your pans when you place them on it. 


Popular granite countertops give you beautiful natural stone with excellent durability. Granite comes in various colors with many flecks and variations. This low-maintenance countertop choice is simple to care for. Use a gentle granite cleaner or soap and water. Granite is heat resistant, so you can place your steaming hot items straight from the oven onto it.  

Cons: Some granites are more porous than other materials and require sealing (and resealing) to keep them from staining. Don’t cut directly on granite because it’s so hard that it will dull your knife. 


This natural stone immediately boosts your kitchen design to a high-end look. Its clean, contemporary feel brightens your space. Marble comes in hues like stark white and neutral shades like brown, taupe, gray, and green. Its uniqueness sets your kitchen apart. Marble maintains a low temperature, so if you’re a baker, you know it’s ideal for rolling out and shaping dough. 

Cons: Marble is softer than other natural stones so it can scratch if you cut something on it without a cutting board. It tends to be porous, so it can stain if you don’t wipe up spills. You’ll need to clean it regularly to keep it well-maintained, and sealing it is a must. 


Quartzite comes from sandstone which undergoes a natural process (under the earth’s surface) to become a metamorphic rock. Quartzite is tougher than granite. It looks like marble but is less expensive. Its natural color varies from white to gray. Quartzite doesn’t mar—so you can’t scratch it up. It offers natural beauty, exceptional durability, excellent heat resistance, and low maintenance

Cons: Quartzite tends to be porous so it can stain easily. There are limited color options, and it is extremely heavy. 


Porcelain is a contemporary-looking, stunning countertop that can be glazed in various colors to complement your kitchen design. It is non-porous, so it doesn’t stain, and is easy to clean. 

Cons: This countertop material can be pricy and may appear dull after heavy wear. 


Boost your rustic chic farmhouse kitchen with concrete countertops to achieve a bold, stunning aesthetic. This nearly indestructible material (think streets and sidewalks) can be color tinted or have decorative texture added to it. It is heat and scratch resistant. 

Cons: Concrete countertops are often custom-made in your home and therefore come at a higher price point than some other options. Its porous nature can make it vulnerable to moisture, bacteria, and staining, and it needs to be regularly sealed. 

Stainless Steel 

While stainless steel was originally only found in commercial kitchens, it is now trending in residential ones. Its chic industrial aesthetic works perfectly in modern homes. It’s easy to clean with soap and water if you clean it promptly after a spill. Stainless is super durable and non-porous. 

Cons: Stainless steel can dent and scratch easily. 

Envision Your Gorgeous New Kitchen 

Now that you’ve learned more about the pros and cons of kitchen countertops, picture how your top choice will fit into your kitchen remodel, and reach out to our experienced team at Ryann Reed Design Build for additional input into your final decision. 

Discover how Ryann Reed Design Build’s kitchen remodeling services can bring your home renovation dreams to life.