Kitchen Remodel

Contemporary Kitchen Remodel in Collegeville, PA

Updated Design & Increased Storage

Project Description:

The main goals of this contemporary kitchen remodel were to update the design, brighten the room and create more space for storage, food preparation and entertaining. This young couple wanted to transform their kitchen from cramped and outdated to modern, fresh and spacious. The light neutral tones of the color scheme and the additional lighting fixtures illuminate the room, creating the perception of a more open, expansive kitchen. The greater counter space and reconfigured layout increase the functionality of the kitchen. The renovation also included the addition of an island bar and banquette, which provide more seating areas for dining and relaxing with family and friends.

The first stage of the project involved demoing the entire kitchen, including the pantry, in order to create adequate space for a new kitchen layout. Glacier white cabinets were installed along the perpendicular walls and white crown molding was built above the cabinets, bordering the ceiling perimeter. The white quartz countertops and a white ceramic tile backsplash complement the streamlined finish of the cabinetry and silver hardware. The workspace of the kitchen is evenly illuminated with the addition of recessed lighting and under-cabinet lighting. A beautifully polished, pearly white undermount farmhouse sink was built into the countertop, below the window facing the yard. In order to create more natural light in the kitchen, the original casement window above the sink was replaced with a larger picture window. In order to accomplish this, the window opening in the wall needed to be widened. It was during this process that the team faced the one and only challenge of this project. Once the wall was opened up, they found that there was a drain pipe in the way. Upon being faced with this unexpected problem, the lead carpenter worked with the plumber to methodically find a solution so that the new kitchen layout could be kept as planned and any future plumbing issues could be avoided. To solve this issue, all of the drain lines were rerouted to move them away from the new window opening. In order to conceal the drain pipe, one of the upper cabinets needed to be notched out and modified. Fortunately, the remainder of the project went smoothly, and the kitchen was completed without any other complications arising.

A distinguished feature of this newly remodeled kitchen is the island with an overhang white quartz countertop and a contrasting dark brown base. This island doubles as an extra counter for preparing meals and a breakfast bar for dining. A set of drawers in the base of the island provide more storage space for pots, pans and utensils. Another innovative addition to this kitchen is the renovated dining area. A custom designed and handcrafted banquette bench was built in an L-shape along the corner wall where the kitchen meets the living room. This inviting seating area has a cushioned top and large storage drawers at the base. The original bay window was replaced with two double-hung windows above the bench. Industrial pendant ceiling fixtures provide gentle lighting to both the island and banquette dining areas. The kitchen is finished with a rustic Coretec pine floor, which balances the bright white hues of the cabinetry, tile and countertops. The influence of both the industrial and farmhouse styles of this renovated kitchen contribute to its unique ambiance. The functional layout and classical design create the perfect place for enjoying a family meal or gathering company for a dinner party.

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