Design an Accent Wall with Bold Wallpaper

Bold wallpaper accent wall by Ryann Reed Design Build.

A bold accent wall can transform your room into a well-designed space where you’ll love spending time. But how do you go about finding the right balance when adding an artistic feature as bold as patterned wallpaper to your home? 

Create visual interest by wallpapering only one wall in your space. Enhance your room with texture and personality by discovering these simple tips to tie bold wallpaper into your interior with creativity and flair. 

How to Design an Accent Wall with Wallpaper that Works 

Realize accent walls aren’t limited to your living space. 

An accent wall adds pizzazz that elevates the look of just about any room in your home. 

It works well in a living room, bedroom, powder room, and more. 

Decide which walls to accent in your home. 

When you choose a wall at the back of a room, it attracts people into the room. The wall behind the headboard in your bedroom, the wall behind your couch, or the wall at the far end of your powder room are some ideal walls to consider accenting.  

Choose a unique wallpaper print. 

When it comes to selecting a wallpaper design, stay away from a generic look, and instead aim for a hand-painted or personalized look that injects your favorite style right into a space. 

Add interest to your living room with patterned wallpaper.

One wallpapered surface makes a room feel like a highly personalized space that oozes with character. Add accent wallpaper to the wall surrounding your living room windows, and you’ll have just enough variety to satisfy. 

Personalize an attic bedroom with an accent wall.

Draw the eye away from the unusual layout of an attic room by decorating the far wall with a refreshing floral print that provides contrast and adds color to your room. 

Get courageous with your entryway accents. 

Add striking grandeur to your entryway with a touch of class in your wallpaper choice. 

Make your mudroom anything but mundane with a delightful accent wall. 

Who said mudrooms have to be ordinary? A classic black and white patterned wall in your mudroom will give it charming personality that brings a playful element to the space. 

From playrooms to a child’s bedroom, add an artistic component with an accent wall. 

From animals to kites, a wallpapered accent wall in your child’s space adds a unique element to the room for them to enjoy. You can springboard off the theme depicted on the wallpaper with accents that bring cohesion to the room. Perhaps even choose playful wallpaper that looks like a mural. 

FAQ About Wallpapering Accent Walls

How bold should I go when it comes to wallpaper patterns?

There is a continuum from bold to subtle, and you need to decide what will be most effective in each room. Keep in mind that lots of colors and patterns create a more dramatic look, while a subtle patterns in muted hues give a more subdued appearance to your space. 

When is it better to wallpaper only one wall rather than the whole room?

  • Wallpapering one wall will save you cash and keep the room from becoming too busy visually. 
  • One wall is a great place to start if this is your first time wallpapering! You’ll learn in one small space what you can later apply in larger rooms. 
  • Wallpaper can be used on walls that are easy to cover, while leaving the more challenging walls to simply be painted. 

How do I get wallpaper to integrate with the rest of the room?

If you don’t want to go too bold, paint the other three walls to match the background color of your wallpaper, and it will pull the room together. 

Step Toward Your Dreams

Covering an accent wall in bold wallpaper brings a personalized feel to your home. As the dreamer and designer of your transformed wall, you can be proud of the step you took to bring your vision to life

If you have even more vision for your home but aren’t sure where to start with a remodel or addition, our team at Ryann Reed Design Build can help you explore your options and find satisfying solutions that enhance your life. 

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