Elements that Affect the Cost of a Bathroom Remodel

Remodeling your master bath can be a particularly rewarding renovation project. You can’t go wrong adding amenities to pamper yourself, right? 

A bathroom remodel is a great choice for practical reasons too: it has a high return on investment (ROI). You can enjoy your upgrades now—and then receive a hearty return if you sell your house later

So, what goes into the cost of a bathroom remodel? Read on to discover the heavy hitters and how to get the most value for your investment

Understanding the Cost of Bathroom Remodels

In general, a powder room remodel may come in at about half the cost of a master bath renovation, yet there are features that impact the cost of either: 

  • The project’s scope
  • The size of your bathroom
  • Your material and fixture type (standard or luxury)

1. Practical layout changes

If you revamp the layout of your space, you may have plumbing, permits, and extra labor costs. Yet re-envisioning the layout is a necessary renovation element because it helps you get the most out of the space you have to work with, delivering the function and design that fits your lifestyle—daily. This is a wise step to getting the most out of your remodeling budget, and it will pay off. 

2. Precise electrical work

When you change light fixtures, you’ll need an electrician to ensure safety. This will add labor and material costs to your renovation budget. 

3. Refreshing new flooring 

Waterproof or water-resistant flooring like vinyl, ceramic tile, laminate, or engineered hardwood will upgrade the aesthetics and function of your bathroom. Detailed pattern work in bathroom tile can increase labor costs. 

4. Updated lighting fixtures

Mirror and shower lighting should be designed to withstand moist conditions. Any special wiring you need for lighting fixtures contributes to your overall remodeling cost for your bathroom upgrade, as do the type and number of fixtures you choose. 

5. Energy efficient windows

If your bathroom is in need of more illumination, adding a skylight or window with translucent glass in it is an ideal way to maximize natural light. Your overall renovation cost will be affected by the number of windows you add, the type of frame and glass materials you choose, and the size of the window or skylight. 

Common window types for bathrooms include casement, double-hung, awning, or slider windows. 

6. Optimized privacy

If you would like your commode in its own little room with a door on it, you’ll incur a separate construction, plumbing, and fixture cost. This is a fabulous upgrade you’ll enjoy daily. 

7. Attractive vanity space

Your bathroom countertops can come in a range of materials. Laminate, tile, natural stone, concrete, crushed glass, quartz, and marble are all options. These come with different pros and cons, and a variety of price points that will impact your overall bathroom remodel budget. 

8. Ingenious smart toilet 

Bathroom remodels are including more smart features, and the toilet ranks as the number one for today’s bathrooms. It is worth considering for your renovation. This space-saving toilet is highly rated for its special qualities like seat warming, music, night light, built-in bidet, and water saving capability. It will influence the total cost of your bathroom upgrade, but the refinement and luxury it adds makes it worth the investment. 

9.  Luxurious smart bathtub

If you are remodeling your master bathroom, a smart tub is a perfect choice to add to your priority list. Your cares will melt away as you indulge in its features. Set the exact temperature and fill the bath with water by simply giving verbal commands to the app. Yes, it’s an investment, and it will factor into your overall bathroom renovation cost—but you are worth it!

10. Relaxing smart shower

The features available for smart showers work perfectly for your family’s shower or your master bathroom. They save water, keep you (and your kids) from getting burned by remaining at the optimal water temperature, and even limit the length of showers (if you like). Their initial cost impacts your bathroom renovation, yet the energy efficiency and decreased water usage a smart shower provides can show up regularly with lower utility bills. 

11. Abundant cabinetry

To keep your bathroom from looking cluttered, you need ample storage space. Your bathroom cabinets are a must in any remodel, delivering practical solutions to your daily needs. 

Bathroom cabinets range in cost based on their material makeup and their customized options. If you want to minimize your investment in bathroom cabinets, opt for durable, quality selections that are readily available. 

If you want to splurge in your cabinet selection, go with custom sized, high quality cabinets with all the bells and whistles (style, finish, and amazing organization options). You may want to add a bathroom closet for extra storage if you prefer less cabinetry in your vanity. 

12. Skilled workmanship

Labor is part of your bathroom remodeling cost. The installation of all your favorite amenities is a vital ingredient in the long-term performance they will deliver. It’s worth it to find a reputable remodeling contractor (like us!) to entrust with your bathroom renovation. 

13. Your location

Where your home is located will directly impact the cost of your bathroom remodel’s materials and labor. 

Enjoy a Beautiful Bathroom Remodel

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