How to Determine If a Home Addition Is Right for You

Beautiful living room home addition built on a client's home by Ryann Reed Design.

If your home is no longer meeting your needs, something needs to change. You may have considered remodeling and repurposing some existing space in your current house, but you realize that won’t alter your interior in the way your lifestyle and needs require. 

Uprooting your family and moving to a different location can be complicated. Why not skip the hassle of moving and create your dream home right where you are with a gorgeous new addition

Read on to discover if an addition is right for you so you can step into the planning and design process with confidence.

Here’s How to Know if a Home Addition Is the Best Solution for Your Needs

1. What are my major goals for an addition?

What are you envisioning for your addition? How will it serve you and your family? Are you creating a spacious family room where you can enjoy life together or a master bath retreat where you can indulge in the wonderful luxuries that spa-like amenities can deliver? Do you need a home office to run your business remotely or a sunroom that serves as extra entertaining space? 

2. What problems with my current house will an addition solve?

Step back and evaluate your home, lifestyle, and needs. Identify the specific problems that an addition could be the best solution for. Do you want to change your home’s layout and you require more space to do it? Is your family growing and you need more bedrooms, or are you dissatisfied with a different aspect of your home? Clarify the problem you must solve. 

3. Will it add value to my home?

You might not sell your home any time soon, but you eventually will. Consider the value an addition will offer to a future buyer and what homes with that square footage are going for in your area. An addition is about adding what you love to your home. To maximize value, ensure the amenities you desire are also appealing to others when you sell someday. 

4. How will my addition integrate with my home? 

The way your addition connects to your house will complement its style both inside and out. From windows and siding to boosting its indoor temperature at the same time as the rest of your home, your new square footage should be designed to seamlessly integrate with your current space. A reputable design build contractor is a vital key to the successful incorporation of your addition. 

5. What will it cost to build my dream addition?

You will need to connect with a design build contractor (like us!) to get a realistic budget established for your dream home addition. Whether you’re building an upscale master suite, a family room, a sunroom, or a bathroom addition, your costs will vary based on its size, your material choices, and any special amenities you want to include. Don’t just consider the price of your addition, think of the value, function, and enjoyment it will add to your lifestyle. 

6. Is it better to build an addition than it is to buy a new house or build one? 

Depending on the scope of your addition, weigh if it is better to build an addition than it is to buy or build a new house that is equivalent to the size of your current home plus the addition. Also, understand that it’s impossible to predict what the real estate market will do in advance. When looking at the whole picture, include the closing costs involved in selling your current home and buying a new one. It’s up to you to decide if a home addition is right for you. Once you’ve taken an objective look at all the facts, the best solution for you will emerge. 

7. How does the length of time I plan to stay in my current home impact my decision?

When considering a home addition, factor in how long you want to live where you are now. In general, if it is more than five years, going forward with the addition makes sense. 

Build the Perfect Addition for Your Pennsylvania Home 

When you love your home’s location but you need more space for your lifestyle, an addition is a great choice! After determining your needs, goals, budget, and how an addition will impact your home value, the next step is to meet with a reputable design builder (like us!) so you can begin the design process. 

At Ryann Reed Design Build, we take careful steps to plan your addition before making any major changes to your Pennsylvania home. We make sure your house serves you in the best way possible. Don’t take our word for it. See what our clients have to say about us by reading these testimonials.