How to make the most out of your small kitchen

Small Kitchen with breakfast bar

Your kitchen is where laughs are had and memories are made. However sometimes you may wish you had just a bit more space to work with. If your kitchen is a bit undersized, check out these tips to help your kitchen feel roomier than it is!


One thing you will want to do if you are trying to save space in your kitchen is get inventive with your shelves. Install pull-out shelves, shelves that rotate within your cabinets, hooks underneath your shelves to hang your pots and pans, or remove cabinet doors to save money and make your space feel larger. There are many different ways to creatively increase the space you have to work with, try to interject some of your own personal style.


Another thing you can do to help your small kitchen feel roomier is install as many windows as possible to maximize your natural lighting. If it’s possible, you could consider a skylight, which will open the room up vertically in a way that nothing else can. If you cannot install a skylight, you can still make sure your kitchen is well lit with a good mix of regular windows and artificial lighting. Ensuring your kitchen has a good amount of light will help it feel like a larger space than it is.


If you don’t have enough room for a kitchen table, consider installing a small breakfast bar over a couple of your cabinets. You may have to give up a bit of counter space to get it done, but it will ensure that you have a place to sit down and eat other than your living room couch. It also adds a nice touch of ambiance, without taking up much space at all.


If you have any extra wall space, use it for storage. Instead of wasting space in a drawer or cabinet on your pots and pans, hang them up on your walls. You can also hang up any stirring utensils that have handles to save yourself some cabinet space and add a bit of style to your kitchen.

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