How to Plan for Your Whole Home Remodel

How to Plan for a Whole Home Remodel

Does your home feel cramped and outdated? Do you need more space but cringe at the prospect of selling your home, finding a new one, and moving? Remodeling your current home may be the perfect solution

Updating and modifying your home so it fits your lifestyle and family can make your dream home a reality. You’ll get upgrades like a better layout, an open floor plan, an expanded kitchen, a new master suite, additional bedrooms, a finished basement, and a build-up or build-out to give your family more space to gather. 

Here’s how to get ready for your remodel: 

Plan Ahead for Your Whole House Remodel, and Things Will Go Smoothly

1. Imagine What You Want Out of Your Home

Take time to dream of your whole home remodel. While you’re at it, watch some inspiring home makeover shows, browse magazines, find your favorite Pinterest images, and check out trendy ideas on YouTube. 

Document your favorite design elements in one place, or create a vision board with pictures of what you want your home to look like. Write out your vision and dare to dream big. The sky’s the limit, and you deserve to live in a home you love. 

2. Go Into Your Home Remodel Thinking Practically

You’re dreaming of the final result of your home makeover, and that’s great! But also realize some basics will be part of your daily life as your home is being renovated. Is it worth it? Yes. Will it help to be ready for the uncomfortableness of the transition period? Absolutely! Prepare yourself: 

  • Financially—Get ready for the remodel financially so you can obtain the results you desire for each part of your home. 
  • Materially—If you have family heirlooms and prized possessions, consider packing them and temporarily storing them. Knowing they are safely stowed will put you at ease during the remodel. You won’t have to worry about them accidentally getting broken or misplaced. 
  • Functionally—Prepare your home to function during the remodel. For example, if you’re getting your kitchen renovated, set up a temporary space with the essentials you need to get the nutrition you and your family require each day. This may consist of a table just outside your kitchen and near an outlet where you can keep paper plates, cutlery, water bottles, a coffee maker, and any other basics you need to get started each morning. 

3. Hire a Reliable Remodeling Contractor

Finding a reputable contractor you trust is vital to your home remodel’s success. Research and get a written estimate from at least three contractors. Why? To ensure you get the best fit for your needs. You’ll communicate many times with the company you hire, and it’s essential that you are comfortable interacting with them. 

With Ryann Reed Design Build, you will become fast friends and family with our designers and contractors. And our customer care team will make you feel at home; no question is too big or too small for their attentive response.

4. Identify What Upgrades Are the Most Important To You

In a whole home remodel, you’ll have areas that need more work than others. Which parts of your home are most important to tackle: the kitchen, master bedroom suite, family room, basement, or bathrooms? 

When you remodel your home, you’re doing it for yourself and future buyers. If you think ahead, your decisions will be sound and provide an excellent return on investment when you sell your home. 

5. Define Your Style

Your house should accurately reflect your style and design. A whole house remodel allows you to do a complete style overhaul. Connect with a design-build team like Ryann Reed about your taste and work together to ensure it is reflected in the plans. 

6. Plan for the Future

If you want to age in place like many Americans are doing these days, consider how you will use your home as you grow older. Whatever customization or personal design changes you make now should also have your future in mind. For example, can the master suite be moved to the first floor if you ever need to live on one level? 

7. Ask Your Contractor What to Expect at Each Stage of the Remodel

Here are some of the primary things that happen in each stage of your project. These aren’t the only things done during each step, but they give you an idea of what to expect. 

  • Consultation with your contractor—An in-home consult allows you to discuss your goals, the project’s scope, and the budget. 
  • Design—3D renderings are prepared for the final project designs. Showroom visits are scheduled to select products and finishes. Estimates for product selections are collected.
  • Pre-construction—Product and materials selections are ordered. A detailed schedule is prepared for the construction phase of your project. 
  • Construction—Measures are taken to protect your home from dust during construction. Construction work proceeds according to schedule throughout the project. Plans for each week are communicated, so you stay informed. Fluid communication and updates by pictures are provided regularly throughout the construction phase.
  • Completion—A punch list is prepared with any minor repairs and items that need attention before the end of the project. The final walkthrough is scheduled with you, the production manager, and the lead carpenter. Your complete satisfaction is ensured. Your final payment is collected upon job completion, and you enjoy your newly renovated space!

Get the Perfect Whole Home Remodel With Ryann Reed Design Build

At Ryann Reed Design Build, our unique design-build approach allows us to remodel entire homes efficiently and with care. Our designer works directly with our lead carpenters to ensure the project proceeds smoothly with no issues. 

You can bypass traditional remodeling delays and cumbersome meetings because our designer handles things for you, leaving you at ease knowing your house will turn out exactly how you planned it. 

Learn how you can transform your home with a Ryann Reed whole house remodel.