Interior Color Schemes for Your Home Remodel

Whether your taste for interior design includes classy, rich-looking color schemes or a sophisticated, modern palette, your home remodel is the perfect opportunity to refresh your interior with colors and textures you love. 

Bring out the character in your home by filling your renovated space with hues that reflect your style. Read on to get vibrant ideas for the blank canvas before you that awaits your expression.  

Inspiration for Your Interior Design’s Hues

1. Begin with what inspires you

When planning the color scheme for a room, start with a piece you love that the room will contain. For example, choose a piece of artwork, an area rug, an heirloom, or a piece of furniture. 

2. Create a vision board

Map out your vision for the room before solidifying the color palette. Grab swatches or paint chips that represent the flooring, walls, artwork, and furniture in your remodeled space. Decide what the focal point will be and which color will emerge as the dominant one in your room. Consider how each room will flow into the next. For a cohesive overall design, carry one color as a theme from one room to the next.  

3. Take natural light into consideration

The more natural light there is in the room, the greater impact it will have on your room’s palette. Lighting changes throughout the day as the sun rises and sets, so consider which way the room faces, how much natural light will pour in throughout the day, and how that will impact your color choices. 

4. Ponder the balance of background colors vs. accessories

White or neutral walls work well as a backdrop for colorful accessories that add pop to your room, so don’t feel like you have to go ultra-dramatic in your wall color. You can add bold features through the room’s décor too. 

5. Incorporate natural elements indoors

Fresh flowers, live green plants, and even fresh fruit can be added to your room to bring an element of the outdoors inside and liven up your space. Incorporate things like wicker, shells, and driftwood into your décor to add elements of nature to your home. Consider a sisal rug to ground your dining or living area. 

Winning Color Combinations for Your Home Remodel

1. Sage, cream, and taupe

These soothing colors will set the backdrop for a relaxing space you, your friends, and family will love lingering in. Variations of each color is an outstanding key to this pleasing palette. 

2. Black and white

Classic black and white are choice hues in interior design. Paint the walls one color and use the other to furnish the room. Or add them in chic designs with the tile layout on your bathroom floor. Mid-century modern glossy black and white checkered flooring, or a white subway tile backsplash with black kitchen accessories are some fun ways to incorporate this timeless look. 

3. Navy, white, and gold

White countertops and nautical navy kitchen cabinets accented with copper hardware, fixtures, or appliances bring a crisp look to your remodeled kitchen. This look can infuse your modern home with an elegant feel. 

4. Coral, cream, and beige

Nature-inspired coral brings a soothing touch to your room’s color scheme. Use it as an accent against cream walls and leather furniture, or use it for flooring to saturate a room with this pleasant hue from nature. 

5. Mint, white, and metal

Calming mint adds a restful tone to your spa-like master bath with luxurious amenities where you reboot after a long day. Add peaceful music and a few candles, and get ready to relax. 

6. Gold and ivory

Contemporary gold accents with an ivory backdrop create a distinct look that works well in modern homes when accented with a bright color. When combined with wood, this combination will create a more rustic chic look. 

Forest green and a natural light color scheme by Ryann Reed Design Build.

7. Forest green and a light neutral

Kitchen cabinets in forest green with a backdrop of light, neutral-colored walls, and inviting vintage task lighting create a welcoming modern vibe in the heart of your home: your kitchen. 

8. Moss green, tan, and white

Ideal for nature lovers, this pleasing combination works wonders in just about any room in your home. 

9. Pale gray and natural wood or stone

Gray is beyond versatile, and pale gray works well as a neutral (instead of white) in modern homes. It is the perfect backdrop for your kitchen cabinets or against natural wood and stone, setting a cooler tone to the space. 

10. Deep gray and white

Deep, moody gray gives depth to a space and can tend toward either a warm or cool tone depending on your accessories. Add striking artwork or an eye-catching headboard in your master bedroom, and make a statement you’ll enjoy for years to come. 

11. White with natural accents

Cool, crisp white opens up a room and makes it feel clean and carefree. White walls and furnishings give a refreshing vibe to your space. When adding some welcoming natural elements like a splash of greenery, you’re off to a great start in your home interior

12. Teal with ivory and gold

Teal is a winning choice for a bedroom, office or kitchen cabinets. It is reminiscent of gulf coast waters on a sunny day. Sprinkle in gold accents (like kitchen hardware or task lighting), plus a bit of ivory to add a pleasant contrast. 

Don’t Get Overwhelmed by Color Choices

You don’t have to go it alone when it comes to planning the color scheme for your home. Simplify your color selections by bouncing them off our experienced design team at Ryann Reed Design Build. We’ll help guide you toward stunning solutions you’ll love for years to come. 

Get inspired by our portfolio page displaying some of our recent remodeling projects in the area.