Maximize Your Living Space with a Vaulted Ceiling

Vaulted ceiling design in a client's home by Ryann Reed Design Build.

Are you looking to transform your living space into a luxurious haven that beautifully showcases its vaulted ceilings? There’s a delicate balance in the art of enhancing your room’s design when ceilings are high. Hang too much on the walls, and they’ll look overwhelming; too little on the walls, and they feel barren. Read on to gain insight into how to make the most of your home’s high ceilings. 

Complement Your High Ceilings with Stunning Design Elements

Light fixtures

Accent your gorgeous high ceilings while creating an inviting atmosphere with just the right light fixtures. Consider the beauty that layered lighting creates in a room, and incorporate a mixture of floor lamps, table lamps, scones, and a luxurious chandelier. 

A custom chandelier that coordinates with other light fixtures in your living room can bring out the grandness of your space and complement its high ceiling. Fixtures draw the eye upward, highlighting the stunning architectural feature of a high ceiling. 


Choose interesting artwork to adorn your high ceiling rooms. Consider a triptych—a picture on three panels that is typically hinged together or hung nearly side by side and created to be enjoyed as one work. Or hang a captivating piece of art, a large painting, or photo that complements your room’s color and theme. Another approach is to display your collection of smaller art pieces in a gallery style arrangement to develop a focal point that draws the eye. 

Window treatments

Floor to ceiling window treatments go hand-in-hand with high ceilings. Windows are a gorgeous design element and you’ll want to highlight them. 


Take the risk and add bold wallpaper to your living space with high ceilings. Realize it’s important to consider the size of the wallpaper’s pattern before settling on what will enhance your design best. A tiny pattern on your wallpaper will make the room feel busy, while a bigger pattern will better fit the room’s scale, complementing the space beautifully. Experiment with contrasting wallpaper, molding, and ceiling panels to obtain the perfect look. 

Ceiling color

If you want to make your ceiling appear a little lower than it is, paint it a dark color and your walls a light color. The contrast will give the perception of a lower ceiling and create a cozier feel to the space. 

Area rugs

Define zones within your living room and anchor them with area rugs. The perfect addition to today’s popular laminate or hardwood flooring—rugs add warmth, absorb sound, and bring an element of texture to the space, making it feel more intimate. 

Color palette 

Choosing a warm color palette brings a genuine coziness to your room. From the walls to furniture to accent pieces—soft neutrals, earth tones, and soft pastels combine to make a comfortable atmosphere. With an intentional pop of color added with throws, pillows, or area rugs, your design will pull together quickly in a way that invites family and friends to linger. 

Seating plan 

Create intimacy with your seating arrangement in your high ceiling rooms. Intentionally foster conversation by grouping seats together around your coffee table, bay window, or fireplace. 

Mix and max ceiling elements

In a traditional, rustic style kitchen or living room, your vaulted ceiling can be defined by exposed wood contrasting with a light-colored ceiling. This simple two-tone style uses natural elements to create a welcoming ambiance. 

Ceiling design

A coffered ceiling in a bold color injects design interest and lifts the eye in your living room. Coffered means indentation. It consists of rectangular, square, or octagonal grids in three-dimensional sunken or recessed panels. 

Remodeling Ideas to Boost Your Home’s Style 

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