Historic Kitchen Remodel in Langhorne, PA​

A contemporary farmhouse style kitchen set in a historic Bucks County home​

Project Description:

The homeowners reside in a beautiful historic colonial home built in 1850. While the rooms of this home reflect exquisite wood craftsmanship and stone work reminiscent of mid-1800s residential architecture, the homeowners felt that the kitchen was outdated and lacked natural lighting. The low ceiling and dim lighting confined the space and limited the functionality of the kitchen. The goal of this remodel was to increase the lighting and modernize the kitchen, while still retaining its historic charm. The kitchen remodel turned out to be great success and exceeded the homeowners’ expectations. However, renovating a historic home does come along with unique challenges and there were a few obstacles that needed to be resolved along the way.

During the kitchen demolition, our lead carpenter discovered that the original floor framing was rotted, and the infrastructure of the house was deteriorating. In order to remedy this situation and reinforce the foundation of the house, the entire floor framing was removed, and the floor was reframed with 3 new beams for support. Once the remainder of the kitchen was demoed, construction of the new kitchen began. The dark wood cabinets were replaced with cabinets of three different colors. The upper left-hand side wall is adorned with light aqua cabinets with glass doors. Oyster white cabinets are installed along the upper right-hand side wall and surrounding the refrigerator. A light chestnut bronze was chosen for the bottom cabinets throughout the kitchen. The varied cabinet colors complemented each other while also adding dimensionality to the kitchen. The location of the sink and refrigerator were rearranged in order to create more counterspace. The sink is located beneath a new awning window that illuminates the kitchen with natural sunlight. On the far side of the kitchen, a dark wood barn door provides entry to the adjoining room. A white quartz counter top and a herringbone backsplash elegantly complete this newly remodeled farmhouse style kitchen.

The centerpiece of this kitchen is the newly designed tray ceiling. The ceiling was raised from 6 ½ feet to 9 feet. The bronze ceiling tiles were removed and replaced with white painted drywall. The top of the tray ceiling was painted a robbins egg blue and three beams saved from the original floor framing were installed across the tray space. While the wooden walls were also replaced with white painted drywall, the portion of the stone wall that is adjacent to the quartz breakfast bar was kept as is. This renovated farmhouse style kitchen offers the homeowners a fresh look, spacious layout and brighter lighting, while maintaining some of the original historic aspects of the home. The quaint and inviting ambiance of the kitchen is perfect for preparing a home cooked meal or entertaining family and friends over the holidays.