Traditional Kitchen Remodel in Richboro, PA​

A contemporary farmhouse style kitchen set in a historic Bucks County home​

Project Description:

What began as a lackluster, enclosed kitchen with outdated cabinets and linoleum flooring was transformed by our talented team into a kitchen with an elegant, traditional design and an open floor plan. Prior to the remodel, a partial wall and a half wall separated the kitchen and adjacent sunroom area from the great room. These walls restricted the availability of functional space between the kitchen and great room, causing the kitchen to feel cramped and confined. Additionally, the homeowners were concerned that the limited floor plan and lack of light fixtures contributed to the dim lighting in the kitchen. The homeowners desired a modernized and spacious kitchen that would increase the productivity, comfort and convenience of dining, food preparation and hosting guests. The goals of this remodel were to create an open concept layout between the kitchen and great room, update the kitchen design, increase the lighting and construct a decorative ceiling beam and post to add dimension to the newly opened space.

The open concept layout was created by removing the partial wall and half wall that separated the kitchen and sunroom area from the great room. The great room carpet and the linoleum kitchen floor were replaced with Oak hardwood flooring. In the kitchen, the old white cabinets were replaced with dark stained Maple cabinets. The storage capacity in the kitchen was expanded by removing the pantry and adding more cabinetry in its place. A set of glass door cabinets with lighting was installed on the wall extending from the kitchen to the great room dining area. This cabinet area is equipped with additional standard cabinets, a set of drawers, a built-in microwave and counter space. This extension of cabinets and counter space allows for a more convenient transition between food preparation and serving meals. Panels matching the wood finish of the cabinets were installed on the ends of the cabinet set and island as well as on the faces of the dishwasher and refrigerator. Giallo ornamental granite countertops line the walls of the kitchen, providing ample work space. The center island, topped with ornate Emperador dark marble, has room for seating, making it the perfect spot for enjoying breakfast or an afternoon snack.  In order to brighten the kitchen, additional recessed lighting was installed in the ceiling along with two rustic pendant lights over the island. Under cabinet lighting was also added to illuminate the work space. The natural light of the kitchen was enhanced by replacing the triple casement window over the sink with two new casement windows on either side of a picture window. The traditional design of the kitchen is further enhanced by the addition of decorative elements, including mosaic accent tile above the stove, crown molding around the ceiling perimeter, and a paneled valence above the sink.

The defining structural features of this new open concept floor plan are the handcrafted wooden post and ceiling beam. A portion of the wall between the kitchen and the sun room area was cut back so that only a post remained in the middle of the floor. A beam extending across the ceiling between the sun room area and great room dining area, connecting the post to the opposite wall, already existed. The elegant column design of the finished post and ceiling beam was created by the addition of decorative trim and millwork. These new structural elements contribute to the overall beauty and dimension of the finished remodel. The newly designed kitchen and great room floor plan provide the homeowners with more accessible living space for enjoying family meals, hosting guests for the holidays or simply relaxing at home. The increased lighting, dark wood cabinetry and traditional design elements of the remodeled kitchen create a warm and inviting space that is unrecognizable from the stark white, outdated kitchen that existed beforehand. This first-floor kitchen remodel successfully heightened the functionality, comfort and appearance of the home.