Refacing vs. Replacing Kitchen Cabinets

When kitchen cabinets get scratched up, worn out, and dim the looks of your home, it’s time to take action. Refacing or replacing cabinets are both viable options, but which will work best for your circumstances, vision, and budget? 

Read on to learn the difference between refacing and replacing kitchen cabinets—and discover the best solution for your situation. 

Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinet refacing consists of covering existing cabinet doors and drawer fronts with a new veneer or a thin surface such as wood or laminate. New hardware is also part of the process of updating the overall look. If your cabinets were constructed durably and have been well maintained, refacing may be an option.

Refacing offers a more budget-friendly solution than replacing cabinetry, and it’s also an eco-friendlier choice because it keeps your current cabinets out of the landfill. With refacing you’ll incur less mess and minimal disruption to your lifestyle as you upgrade your kitchen.

Because refacing and replacing are both kitchen cabinet upgrades, the differences need to be defined. When you reface cabinets, they will get a new look, but the cabinet boxes and your kitchen layout will remain the same as they are now. In contrast, when you replace cabinets, you get to redesign your layout in the process. 

Here are some questions to ask if you are considering refacing. 

Are your cabinets in good shape?

If the bones of your cabinets are in good condition, then refacing is an option. 

Do you want to keep your kitchen’s current layout? 

If you are content with upgrading your cabinets’ looks while maintaining your kitchen’s layout, then refacing is a good solution to consider. Remember that all your cabinet boxes will remain the same size and occupy the exact location they do now, even after they are refaced. 

Replacing Kitchen Cabinets

When doing a major kitchen remodel, your kitchen cabinets are removed and new ones installed. When remodeling, it’s much more common to replace your cabinets than to reface them. 

Are you doing a whole-kitchen remodel?

A complete kitchen renovation allows you to add more space if you need it. You get to completely rethink your kitchen’s design, layout, and materials—and upgrade to your heart’s content. This is the perfect opportunity to replace your kitchen cabinets. You’ll enjoy their looks and the added features you can include inside them—like more organizational dividers. 

Would your lifestyle benefit from a new kitchen layout? 

If your family is growing, your kitchen is cramped, or its design isn’t working for you, a new kitchen layout can breathe fresh life into the heart of your home. And it’s the ideal time to replace all of your cabinets. 

Are your cabinet boxes in poor condition? 

If your cabinet boxes are not in good shape, replacing your cabinetry rather than refacing it is wise—even if you aren’t doing a whole kitchen remodel. 

Do you desire the new features replacement cabinets offer?

Soft-close kitchen cabinets and drawers are a fabulous upgrade. Here’s why:

  • They provide additional peace and quiet. While some cabinets make a loud bang when they close, soft-close ones slow down the impact, which prevents other people in the home from waking up. If you have an early riser in the family, the late riser will be grateful for the morning quiet that soft-close cabinets provide. 
  • They are safer. If you have young children, you know how curious they can be. Toddlers love to open and close cabinets and soft-close drawers and cabinets will help them avoid finger jams or injuries. 

Do your kitchen remodeling plans include adding an island to your space? 

Adding a kitchen island delivers more cabinets for extra storage space. If you are short on storage in your kitchen, a well-appointed island may be your solution. A whole kitchen remodel gives you the opportunity to replace and add more cabinetry, decreasing clutter and increasing organization. 

Contemplating a Kitchen Remodel? 

While you’re coming to a conclusion about whether to reface or replace your cabinets, imagine how a luxurious, spacious kitchen transformation will enhance your life. If you’re desiring a kitchen remodel but aren’t sure where to start, contact our experienced design team at Ryann Reed Design Build to explore your dreams further. 

Take a minute to learn more about how our kitchen remodeling services can create the perfect layout, design, and function for the very heart of your home.