Smart Technology Options for Your Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom with modern technology built by Ryann Reed Design Build

Imagine yourself stumbling out of bed and turning on your bathroom lights with a verbal cue. Next, your shower turns on to the perfect temperature, while your smart mirror gives you a quick weather forecast and reviews the top news stories. 

Upon showering, you relish a preheated towel and put yourself together under the smart mirror’s perfect task lighting. 

You deserve to start and end your day in luxury, and adding smart technology to your bathroom remodel ensures you’ll do just that. Pamper yourself with bathroom technology that makes preparing for your day a pleasure (not to mention efficient). 

Technology that Is Trending in Bathroom Remodels

Smart technology in your bathroom can increase its safety, enhance your health, improve hygiene, lower your stress level, provide water and energy savings, and more. 

Smart shower

Are you tired of starting the day with chilly blasts of water as you struggle to get the shower’s temperature just right? Imagine starting and warming the shower’s water to the perfect temperature before you enter the shower area. Decrease your water consumption by setting a specific amount of time for your shower, or allowing a pause as needed as you lather up. 

Smart faucets

Why not take advantage of technology and install a water-saving faucet to lower your water bill and decrease your environmental impact? 

Smart toilet

With today’s high-efficiency toilets, you’ll use less water, and lower your water bill and your environmental impact. Their built-in seat warmer adds comfort, and they can even save you from having to use toilet paper. 

Touchless toilets allow you to raise the lid, lower the lid and flush with the wave of your hand. They self-clean, self-deodorize, and can come with antimicrobial seats. How’s that for luxury?

Bluetooth speakers

Connect to your preferred streaming service and add a spa-like feel to your bathroom remodel with waterproof Bluetooth speakers that are concealed and magical!

Automatically activated ventilation system

Keep your bathroom free from mold and mildew with a ventilation system that turns itself on or off based on the humidity level in your bathroom. 

Soaking tub

Soaking tubs can lower your stress level, enhancing your overall health and quality of life. And smart soaking tubs include an essential oil diffuser, enriching the experience with aromatherapy. 

Smart mats

Optimize your health with a smart bathroom mat that measures your BMI (Body Mass Index), gives you a posture score, and suggests exercises by sending data to a companion mobile app for you to check at your convenience. 

Smart mirror

Start your day with a convenient weather forecast, headline news, and even traffic updates to simplify your morning drive. There are now also de-misting mirrors for safer shaving. 

Warming drawer

Are you tired of the chill of wrapping yourself up in a freezing robe or towel? A warming drawer is the perfect solution! It heats up your towel and robe to the ideal temp so you can enjoy toasty comfort after your shower. 

Bathroom TV

You can now view the TV screen from the tub, shower, or vanity. With a mirror finish, a TV looks fabulous as part of your bathroom design as it isn’t even noticeable. If you’d rather listen to music than watch TV, get a TV that provides both options for your luxurious smart bathroom. 

Under-tile heating

Are you tired of stepping out of the shower onto a cold floor? Consider adding a heated bathroom floor to increase your comfort, lower energy bills, and improve your home’s resale value. Radiant floor heating warms up your bathroom without using a lot of energy, and it dries out your floor to avoid slips and reduce mold growth, making your bathroom a healthier and safer place to be. 

Automatic soap dispensers

Now that hygiene and handwashing are front and center, battery-operated automatic soap dispensers are particularly appealing. 

Smart water sensors

Equip spaces under your sinks, baths, and showers with smart water sensors that detect leaks before they become problematic. If your home has troublesome plumbing, this could save you significantly in costly repairs. When you detect a leak early, it can be easily solved. In contrast, when you fail to detect a leak, the water penetration leads to mold, mildew, and rot—creating significant needs for costly repairs. 

Cooling cabinetry

Cosmetics, cologne, lotions, and facials last longer when they are in cool, dry places. 

A refrigerated bathroom cabinet means you can store your favorite drink as well as keep your medication cool.

Get the Beautiful Bathroom You Desire

An outdated bathroom can leave you feeling dreary even at the start of your day. You deserve a stylish, up-to-date bath with the luxury and convenience items you love. You can turn your bathroom into a relaxing space with a refreshing remodel that includes smart technology. 

At Ryann Reed Design Build, while we remodel your bathroom, we provide an online portal that you have access to. We keep you informed by submitting daily updates so you know exactly what is happening with your remodeling project. Discover how our bathroom remodeling services can transform your home.