Steps to a Stunning Bathroom Remodel

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey of remodeling your bathroom? While a bathroom remodel can seem like a daunting task, do not let that stop you from creating a space tailored to your vision. Check out our quick guide to remodeling your bathroom, and get started on your project today.

Establish a Bathroom Remodel Budget

Before embarking on your dream bathroom design, it is essential to outline a budget for your project. Consider the must-have features, such as a specific material, a freestanding tub, or extra storage. Create a list of these features and an approximate cost. Consider the purpose behind the remodel; are you preparing to sell your home?  If so, investing in a bathroom renovation can enhance the value of your home, benefitting you and your entire family. 

Consider Your Design Style

Adding color to your bathroom is as simple as using bright accessories or colorful towels. For a bolder approach, consider adding wallpaper (See also: Design an Accent Wall with Bold Wallpaper). Whether you lean towards warm and earthy, to cool and modern, there are countless ways to bring your vision to life within your home. Some great resources for inspiration include Pinterest and Houzz

Storage Solutions

Maintaining functionality and organization is key in a bathroom. Having a small space doesn’t mean you have to compromise on storage. Consider using a wide leading ladder to hang multiple towels. Modular drawer organizers and baskets are perfect for organizing everyday items in cabinetry, along with built-ins over the toilet.  Our designers at Ryann Reed specialize in creating unique storage solutions tailored to your space, maximizing every inch! From innovative cabinetry to creative shelving, we ensure your bathroom remains practical, yet stylish. 

“Nobody wants a boring room, no matter the size. A bathroom should include practical design solutions integrated into a thoughtful design. Make sure you are aware of how you feel in the space at every step, and keep a realistic deadline in place to maintain momentum in your remodel. Lastly, don’t let the completed space deter you from adding to it over time- this is completely normal as needs and preferences change over time.”

Krishna Kher – Interior Designer at Ryann Reed Design Build

To ensure the success of your bathroom remodel, consider teaming up with Ryann Reed Design Build. Our dedicated team is eager to make your dream bathroom a reality, creating a space that reflects your vision- a comforting sanctuary designed just for you.

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