The Timeless Beauty of White Kitchen Appliances 

Remodeled kitchen with white kitchen appliances.

Ready for new kitchen appliances and wondering which color to go with? We’ve got good news. White appliances have made their way back into popular kitchen designs, and the fun part is—this color never goes out of style! Its clean appearance works perfectly in modern homes and pairs well with natural elements, a punch of greenery, and a warm cup of tea. 

So if you’re ready to exchange your industrial-style (and fingerprint-loving!) stainless steel appliances for white during your kitchen remodel, you have a good reason to now—because white is trending

Kitchens Look Bigger, Fresher, and More Welcoming in White

If you aren’t a fan of changing your appliance color every time a new one begins to trend, then white is a perfect option for you no matter when you change over to it. Here are a few common questions we get about white kitchen appliances:

1. Can I mix white appliances with other finishes in my kitchen?

Yes, you can mix white appliances with a variety of other finishes. It goes perfectly with wood grain, stone countertops, and a variety of backsplash and flooring materials. It has a way of making your house feel clean and uncluttered. 

2. Are white appliances less prone to showing scratches and dents?

They sure are! You’re going to love how white appliances hide the little dings that “come with the territory.” 

3. Do white appliances come in energy-efficient models?

Yes, white appliances come in all the ENERGY STAR models that stainless steel appliances come in. 

4. How do I clean and maintain white appliances?

Regularly wiping your white appliances with a damp cloth will keep their surface clean. To tackle stains, try this on a hidden area to make sure it works on your appliances. Mix a paste of baking soda and water to create a gentle cleaner. Apply it to the stain, let it sit, and wash it off. 

5. Do white appliances make a kitchen look smaller?

White appliances will make your kitchen look larger. They reflect light, enlarging the look of your space. 

6. What color of cabinets and countertops go best with white appliances?

White is neutral and goes with plenty of colors

  • White cabinets and white appliances are the ultimate combination for a clean, sleek look. White on white is always uplifting. 
  • For a modern look, pair natural color countertops and white cabinets with white appliances. 
  • Cabinets look great in navy blue when combined with white appliances and countertops. 
  • If you love bold-colored cabinets, white appliances and white countertops help bring balance to the aesthetic. 
  • For a more subdued look, couple mint-colored cabinets with white appliances and a soft wood grain for your countertops. 

7. What type of appliance hardware goes with white?

Trendy hardware takes white appliances to the next level of style. They come in bronze, copper, and stainless steel. They can be mixed and matched to emphasize the warm or cool tone in the white appliances you choose. 

8. Can I combine black and white appliances?

A great combo is the tuxedo kitchen with dark cabinets and white appliances that emphasize the classic contrast. With this timeless color backdrop, you have plenty of room for expression with pops of color to accent your kitchen. 

9. Are white appliances in style?

White appliances are back in style, and you’re going to love them! They brighten up your kitchen space and clean easily, making them a favorite among homeowners (especially moms!). After homeowners were cramped indoors during the pandemic, they began to crave open, airy, light-colored spaces. And can you guess what resulted? White appliances made a return to center stage. 

10. What type of finish works best on white appliances?

Consider a matte finish rather than a glossy one to add refreshing dimension and texture to the appearance of your appliances. It hides fingerprints and water stains like a champ. 

Get the Perfect Kitchen Remodel for Your Home 

Whether you choose white, stainless steel, or black appliances for a kitchen upgrade is your call. Consider your dreams, put them out on a vision board, and then realize you don’t have to tackle it alone when it comes to your new kitchen’s design. At Ryann Reed, we work with you at every step of your remodel—from concept to completion. Just relax, and leave the heavy lifting to us.

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