Trendy Shades of Green for Your Home’s Interior Design

Trendy shades of green for your home's interior design by Ryann Reed Design Build.

The color green has become a popular trend with interior design. Its soothing, calming presence is associated with nature, delivering the peaceful ambiance we desire in our homes. Additionally, bold hues of green add a punch of personality, character, and excitement to your interior’s atmosphere. So why are shades of green taking over today’s homes? Their perfect complement to natural wood, bring a taste of the outdoors inside (after so many have made home into their workspace). 

Let’s uncover the fun, chic ways designers are applying green in its various shades to today’s interiors. 

How Green Sets Your Interior Apart 

In the design industry, things are constantly evolving. New trends arise while old ones are reinterpreted. It’s no surprise that the greens from the 1970s have returned and are now more relevant than ever. Which hue will set your home interior apart and wow you, your family, and friends? 

While color can’t be an adequate substitute for a hike in the woods, it can still bring a soothing atmosphere to our homes, making them the ideal place to unwind, recreate, and share life with those we love most. Perhaps our longing for more contact with nature has inspired today’s trends to turn to the color green. This place of peace we call “home” oozes with unique character when we stamp our fingerprint on it with color choices that create the mood we love. Here are some of the contemporary shades of green homeowners flock to: 

Deep emerald green 

The deep calming color of emerald green offers a balance and stability to interiors—a welcomed relief to our turbulent world. Pair emerald with pure white and dark-colored wood accents to bring a solid sense of peace to your home’s aesthetics. 

Muted, calm green

Contrast your wood flooring or cabinets with a muted, calm green in your kitchen or bathroom for the perfect blend of luxury and beauty. 

Rich olive green 

Olive green offers a warm, rich backdrop to your bathroom or kitchen design, and welcomes contrasting colors. Neutrals such as white and black work wonderfully with olive green. 

Soothing sage green 

Sage green, a color that blends with grayish hues, is one of the top interior color choices for modern homes. Your open concept kitchen and living room in sage green delivers a refreshing ambiance ideal for unwinding and relaxing. More intense versions of this shade are also in style, resembling the color of an oak tree’s leaves. 

Soft pastel green

This color used in small spaces makes an immense impact. Combine it with natural color wood, and create a timeless space that will endure long after green’s trends pass. 

Restful earthy green

A gentle touch of an earthy green tone used as an accent can bring just the right amount of nature’s touch to refresh a space. 

Dramatic green

Parsley Snips by Benjamin Moore is a bold, unapologetic color that makes a statement when used in abundance on a room’s walls, built-ins, and even its ceiling. Talk about exciting! This color zips up the vibe of a garden room and brings joy upon entering it.

Crisp, bright green 

Pair green with white accents and dark wood for a gorgeous trio of colors that please the eye. 

What Pairs Perfectly with Green Walls? 

Our desire to live in harmony with our environment and embrace colors seen repeatedly in nature is accentuated as our lifestyle reflects greater time spent indoors. Sustainable materials are the perfect fit for the green hues you’ve chosen as your interior’s framework. Long-lasting stone countertops, real hardwood flooring, well-built furniture from genuine wood, and live plants as accents combine to create the perfect look for your home. 

Take the Plunge and Indulge in Your Favorite Shade of Green

Colors impact our mood and our motivation, and it takes time to discover the optimal hues for our interior spaces. The good news is that if you want to renovate your current home, you don’t have to decide its new design, colors, or materials alone. At Ryann Reed Design Build, we listen to your dreams and then guide you toward design, color, and material options that you’ll enjoy for years to come. 

Why not take the plunge and indulge in your favorite shade of green? After all, your home should be a unique reflection of you. Ready to explore some renovation options? Take a look at our design portfolio of recent projects, and discover upgrades that will transform your home and make you smile each day.