What is Design Build?

A design-build company is different from a typical remodeling contractor in that we provide an all-in-one service for both design and construction. Instead of dealing with the hassle of two separate points of contact, the designer and remodeling contractors are going to be working together from step one. This provides ease of mind to the client and allows for the designer to talk directly to the contractors to make sure the remodel goes right. Design-build is the more efficient method of home remodeling and is worth considering for your next project.

What is design build?

The Design-Build Process

Ryann Reed Design Build isn’t your average remodeling contractor. Our company handles all aspects of the remodeling project from design and planning all the way through job completion. 

Home remodeling step 1

Project Consultation

  • Initial phone consultation is scheduled with our project consultant to discuss your goals, design ideas, budgeting and timeline.
  • In-home consultation is scheduled with our project consultant to assess the site, discuss project scope, take initial measurements, establish a baseline budget and schedule a follow-up meeting.
  • Project development agreement is written by the project consultant to include the scope of work and total investment range.
  • Showroom meeting is scheduled during normal business hours (8:30 am – 4:30 pm) to review and refine the project development agreement, finalize the budget and look over sketches.
  • Client is invited to BuilderTrend, our online project management software.
  • Zoning assessments are performed, if necessary.
home remodeling step 2


  • Site visit is scheduled with the designer to assess the site, confirm measurements and take before photos.
  • Drawing and 3D renderings are prepared for the final project designs.
  • Showroom visits are scheduled to select products and finishes.
  • Tradesmen walkthroughs are scheduled for any specialty trade work that is required for the project.
  • Estimates are collected for product selections and subcontractor labor.
  • Construction agreement is prepared with the final scope of work, final budget, total investment and installment payments.
  • Client approves  the construction agreement, final design drawings/renderings and the product selections. 
home remodeling step 3


  • Building permits are obtained and plans are finalized through the township.
  • Trade partner purchase orders are submitted.
  • Product and material selections are ordered.
  • Detailed schedule is prepared for the construction phase of the project.
  • Pre-Construction meeting is scheduled with the production manager, project consultant, designer, lead carpenter and clients.
home remodeling step 4


  • Preventative cleanliness measures are taken to protect the home and prevent the spread of dust.
  • Construction work proceeds according to schedule throughout the course of the project. Client accesses the construction calendar, daily logs, and daily progress photos on the BuilderTrend portal.
  • Plans for the week and messages from production will be exchanged over the BuilderTrend client portal on a regular basis to ensure consistent communication throughout the project. 
  • Weekly site visits with the production manager to keep the project on schedule and make sure any concerns are addressed as soon as possible.
  • Installment payments are collected throughout the project according to the agreed upon payment plan. All payments, including change orders, can be submitted through BuilderTrend online.
home remodeling step 5

Job Completion

  • Punch list is prepared with any small fixes and items that must be corrected before the end of the job. While we always strive for ZERO punch list, we will take any measures necessary to ensure that our clients are satisfied, and the final project meets their satisfaction.
  • Final walkthrough is scheduled with the home owner, production manager and lead carpenter.
  • Final payment is collected upon job completion.
  • Clients enjoy the newly renovated space!
home remodeling step 6

Follow Up and Warranty

  • Warranty documents and product care guides accessed through the BuilderTrend client portal anytime after project completion. Hard copies also available by calling our office at 215-372-0040.
  • Client follow up post project completion to ensure the home remodel continues to meet our high standards and expectations. Continued client satisfaction is our priority, even after the end of the project. Any corrections or repairs will be completed as soon as possible.
  • Ryann Reed offers a two-year warranty. 
  • Warranty claims can be requested in BuilderTrend or by calling the office.

Our Design-Build Services